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To those of you who might be thinking of a holiday away for some fresh breeze just to relax and watch the sun go down or for any reason you might be in need of a holiday for, I highly recommend the all-inclusive package to Mauritius and most of all, a stay in Le Victoria Hotel. Below is my own experience of my trip to Mauritius on the all-inclusive package.

My and family and I recently came back from Mauritius and it was a very wonderful experience. There are different packages to fit anyone’s personal needs and we went on one of their packages called ‘’all-inclusive’’ to the Le Victoria and I must say that the name says it all. We took our twin boys along and that alone was a handful.

On arrival, their hostesses met us outside and helped with our luggage to the waiting area while we were then escorted to the lobby, where we felt more welcome as we were made comfortable with drinks while we waited for our consultant. The staff members were very friendly and before we knew it, our consultant was there. He then explained everything to us, like what we could drink and not drink on their menu.

Their menu was a mouthful, full buffet for breakfast, for lunch and for supper. There were two other restaurants of which we could go to inclusive in our package, one was called L’Horizon, this restaurant was very useful on more than one occasion because our room was very close to it. We took this to our advantage because we could then go to the restaurant with the baby monitor which enabled us to have a nice evening while we still monitored our boys. The staff there were extremely helpful, Owen was one of them who went above and beyond the call of duty. He has done his utmost best to help us no matter what our needs were.

They also have a beautiful communal pool, which we used more often because of the kids. To all beach lovers, if you want to snorkel on the beach, you need to take along your own beach shoes and snorkel gear for cruising the beach or board-walking in comfort. On the other hand, if you do not have them don’t worry because Mauritius is always ready for you. They do not hire but however they do sell beach shoes and snorkel gear at the hotel shop, this is where we bought ours. They also offer this when you go out into the reef, which we were not able to do.

One thing that we think the hotel should look at to improve their visitor’s experience is to open restaurants a bit earlier than 7pm. All restaurants opened at 7pm which was a challenge for us because the kids are only 13 months old and they sleep before 7pm. Before 7pm, there is no proper food other than pan cakes and snacks from the pool bar and the boys do not pan cakes nor snacks. Other than that, I propose Le Victoria hotel for you to stay at and if you’re not travelling with kids, this is even a cherry on top.

I highly recommend the all-inclusive package for anyone who is planning to go there on a holiday.

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